Our Company represents Schaltbau in Greece since 1977. The Schaltbau Group is among the world's leading suppliers in the fields of rolling stock and rail infrastructure, including automatic door systems for moving vehicles, level crossing equipment, electric connectors, switchgear, safety, and warning equipment.


New Mobility

  • DC contactors for car batteries
  • Contactors for electric vehicles

New Energy

  • DC main contactors for industrial storage systems (DC C310)
  • Limit switches in solar tracker systems (S880V4 subminiature switch)


  • Subminiature switches (S880)
  • Connectors M1 Series
  • Gear-type limit switches for crane hoists (S870 Microswitches)


  • Door control switches in rail vehicles (S826, S847 and S870 microswitches)
  • IntelliDesk – Driver's desks for rail vehicles
  • Toggle switches
  • ATX-SPII Display
  • ZH1800 – Flat battery power supply for rail vehicles
  • Master and brake controller
  • Footrests for rail vehicles
  • Dead-man handles (snap-action switch S804 or S814 series)
  • Passenger alarm devices
  • Air and water heaters, tubular heaters and radiators
  • Fusible overtemperature protection and tripping devices

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