works as an importer and distributor of Railway and Automotive spare parts. We are also specialized in the field of electro-mechanical components, voltage and current converters for a variety of applications.

Our Company by participating in public tenders is focusing mainly on Public Transports. It undertakes railway-related projects, whether they are of a pure mechanical or electro-mechanical nature. Those involve reconstructions, upgrades and repairs of tram, metro, electric & diesel locomotives, passenger wagons, EMU’s, DMU’s and high-speed trains. Our team by using the know-how and best practices of the leading companies that it represents, has acquired the expertise to solve the most railway-related challenges.

ASEA MOUMTZIS remains committed to providing exceptional railway services and solutions to our customers and partners. We offer reliable, efficient, and flexible local support, working closely with our partners in order to ensure seamless operations of rolling stock.

Some of the ASEA MOUMTZIS projects that have been done the recent years are the following.

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